the silver star-jeannette walls

“When mom was home, she sometimes let us stay up late, but without her around, we always went to bed on time. Since she wasn’t there to write excuses, we were never late to school and never skipped a day, which she sometimes let us do. We never left dirty dishes in the sink, and we flossed our teeth.” (15)

“She had no problem with the individual words but couldn’t string them together to mean anything. She treated the words like she did her food, keeping each one separate.” (103)

“I wondered if Mom was really going to help us get through all this or if she was just going to be one more person who needed reassurance.” (207)

see? stranger than fiction. though this is officially classified as “fiction” after her forays into writing non-fiction about her family and non-fiction on gossip. huh.

again, this. and true detectives. these two. and we’re up by 9 with 8 minutes and change left in the half.


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