crazy rich asians-kevin kwan

“When fiction writers talk about writing fiction, they’re continuing to write fiction.”

i was once told that i must be part magpie, and it’s true that shiny things do catch my eye. the gold and pink of this largish book cover first got my attention last year on the subway before i even read the title, which i did as soon as the sheepish white girl who was holding it gushed that it wasn’t what it looked like, but it was. she loved asian people, really, and it was the latest book reviewed in vanity fair, and it was really amazing-i just had to read it. i applaud her for being brave enough not to read it on a kindle, and i’m glad for the metrotextual moment that ensued because of the conversation because of the fact that she was reading it. i also now thank her, because it was the exact kind of escape that i needed this week when i didn’t want to think about work.

the quote is not from the book, but from e.l. doctorow‘s talk about andrew’s brain at the philly free library. but it applies, not only to this book, but to life in general. i love the way that it’s written, as a dishy drama about people who have so much money they get bored spending it so they must resort to the sidework of rich folks-wheeling and dealing. who cares about the people who get in the way and their feelings?

the dialogue also moves me-i actually hear my aunties and all the singaporean/malaysian people i’ve known in my life speaking when i read this, and along with the food descriptions, i felt strangely comforted by this, even though it sandwiches a tale about people so rich beyond any of my means or desires. nicely played, mister kwan, nicely played.

i cheered for kyle lowry for the first time during the starting lineup on friday night (a loss that was not john salmons‘ fault, by the way, it was our entire team’s fault for deciding not to play defense on kevin durant on back to back possessions in a game that he finished with 51 points. but how about the fact that last year (or even at the beginning of this season), this wouldn’t even have been a game, let alone one that we lost by one point in double overtime. but kyle yesterday? whoo. damn. late last year, i decided that the all-star break was the last time that i would hate on the man, and we’re right on schedule to me being a rather big fan of his, for the way that he’s stepped up for the good of this team.


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