christian bok vs. pam rehm

we worked with a poetry mashup prompt last night, and i had to share this one.

thank you to christian bok and pam rehm for writing such beauty-full pieces that i used as raw materials.*

if endear is earned
writing is inhibiting
and meant to identify
scribbling in ink
two halves in nihilistic witticism
compose impish hijinks-
one meaning of childish insights
within rigid limits
which means instilling
priggish misgivings-
a token of critics blind with hindsight
a knot i dismiss
a note of nitpicking
criticism which flirts
with a noting in the head of griping dimwits
how it feels to be sniping
whilst indicting nitwits
to have your heart dismiss
simplistic thinking
and be the dear one
who is still illicit.*

*remix of acts of love and chapter i

i got an idea out of this exercise, and i’ll be tapping some of y’all to execute it with me. until soon.


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