letters from a nut-ted l. nancy

coincidence that i read about jerry seinfeld‘s web series comedians in cars getting coffee on the day that i madly scramble to get my copy of all new letters from a nut to the library? i think not.

it was terry o’reilly who recommended it on the under the influence podcast, and i admit, it was good for a few laughs.

i was just starting to think that perhaps jerry seinfeld was ted l.nancy (especially after the “thanks to jerry seinfeld-he does more than anyone knows”) dedication in one of the epilogues.

just googling “is jerry seinfeld ted l. nancy?” yields a link to the webseries that i was meaning to check out anyway, and this:

barry marder cramming himself into a car to demand pie

bigups to seinfeld for these short videos where he gets to talk funny with (i presume) friends and drive nice cars. thanks for reminding us to carve a niche in this world. nehal-i got graph paper today, and i’m looking at you.


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