poem from the last session

“do you know his real name? it’s christian book, but he changed it to christian bok so that people wouldn’t refer to him as the bible.”

huh. i love it when you share the brilliance with poets and people bring it right back. shouts to david for bringing him back into our workshop and gave us the prompt to start a piece with “what.” which is like the janet. album, which is supposed to be read “janet period” and not just “janet”. the idea is to work with “what.” and not “what?” or “what!”. here’s what i got:

what a cantaloupe does in its free time
is its own business
what phosphorus persists is seldom
what a marksman shoots at is rare to visit.

what xylophones are here to resist is
what brie is to a pear
what a pomeranian must beware is
what is lurking beneath the shadows
of what his caretaker is aware of

what pens ink in notebooks-
what secrets are under the stairs-
what lies dormant in the dermis that shows
when we are clothed
exposed to the yearning-
what the arrows are burning
beneath seven chairs to the left of Sterling


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