something wicked-lesley anne cowan

“you don’t have to call…i’ma be alright tonight”

“You see all the hypocrisy and the contradictions-the intertwined good and bad. But it’s so stressful and confusing to see things this way that eventually you stop looking. The little window of perception closes up and you learn to keep it shut.” (262)

“Little does he realize, I think before I go to sleep, how similar we are. He’s more scared in this safe place than he is in his familiar home of tortured hell. He’s so fucked up, he can only feel good when he feels bad.” (150)

this is not what i usually read-but what is life is you don’t read what you usually don’t? the thing is-it was a recommendation that i got from somewhere, so it was probably on the ontario librarian’s association list-and it was a welcome change at the time and now, because this is kind of my mindset once again. i have a gaggle of ya coming my way because of one passionate adolescent’s gushing monologue and why is it that adults shouldn’t read ya again? i mean-i certainly wouldn’t be the adult i am if i hadn’t read older as an adolescent, so why can’t it work both ways?


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