grace (eventually)-thoughts on faith by anne lamott

“the game need changing i’m the muthafuckin’ cashier”

“But in wiggling, all people shine.” (41)

“i’ve never seen anyone agro-fold before”

“I live by the truth that ‘no’ is a complete sentence.” (174)

i made it to my restorative yoga class today-woot woot! i even got a free class for suggesting that my girl come (for free too) so it’s like earning an extra lingot on duo lingo, except in real life. we went to the bell jar after and it was lovely-iced coffee, honeydew, and talk of morning pages and unorthodox therapists-it tied into the (somewhat dragging) murakami that i finished last night at the high park library last night after helping out at the sorauren farmer’s market-shouts to clarice for making me a lovely salad plate.

“Show a bunch of writers a sealed library, and they see red.” (151)

“A free public library is a revolutionary notion, and when people don’t have free access to books, then communities are like radios without batteries. You cut people off from essential sources of information-mythical, practical, linguistic, political-and you break them. You render them helpless in the face of political oppression.” (151)

“They both taught me that if you insist on having a destination when you come into a library, you’re shortchanging yourself.” (143)

“My parents, and librarians along the way, taught me about the space between words-about the margins, where so many juicy moments of life and spirit and friendship could be found.” (143)

i’m wrapping up this book of notes, and this one was left over from my big anne lamott binge last year. i’m still working on my god box goal from then, too-so i suppose it all makes sense. i like that her work is always profound, yet accessible. she has a way of just telling the truth that resonates. i like that i pulled out quotes about libraries, breeding, prison, and jesus from this meditation on faith but hey-everything we need is there for us when we do.

“He just taught the prisoners to read good books, to speak English, and to write. My father treated them with respect and kindness, his main philosophical and spiritual being, ‘Don’t be an asshole’.” (180)

“Jesus was soft on crime. He’d never have been elected anyone.” (183)

“Jesus ate with sinners-but of course, they ended up killing him. So there’s that.” (220)

“Many of the most shut-down, narcissistic, selfish people on earth have children. Many of the most evolved-the richest in spirit, the most giving-choose not to. The exact chances for awakening for personal restoration and connection exist for breeders and non-breeders alike.” (181)

so put that in your pipe and smoke it. for the moment-i return to my motto i’m a reader, not a breeder.


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