dear white people

kind of amazing. i’ve been thinking a lot about white girls rapping lately, and unlike a decade ago when i was so angry at that little british girl (whose name escapes me now) that my editor called me and asked me what i was going through at that point, i’m actually having pretty lucid and rational thoughts. i’m having all kinds of thoughts, and when i emerge from tea tree/castille soap/baking soda/ing every crevice of my apartment, i’m sure that i’ll put them into words. for now-if anything in this trailer offends you, it’s not the film-it’s you. feel it. accept it. think about it before rejecting it. you need it. i personally can’t wait until october 17, but it will be bittersweet-that will be two days into the post-cj at work. but at least this unrestricted free agent has negotiated a pretty sweet deal going into this season.


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