the central park five

this also came from that fruit-full trip to the fort york branch a few weeks ago. i may be mistaken, but i believe that there was an episode of ny undercover that attempted to deal with this-damn you music royalties-we need to be able to watch that show on dvd already (on a related note, i just picked up all the episodes of my so-called life from the annette st. branch, guess it will have to tide me over until i get season 2 of homeland). what i appreciate most about this power-full expose of the criminal justice system, and the parable that we have yet to learn from (see the secret trial 5 for a contemporary and ongoing example (many thoughts and prayers to the markat family)-is the wrap-up with the men about the process of making and touring the film. the blatant disregard of the need for mental health accommodations and re-entry techniques and an apology for wrongful conviction, media slander, and the loss of their youth to long prison sentences is shameful, but the choice to keep not learning-that’s almost more criminal. the fact that it took the rapist speaking up on behalf of the children he let take the rap for many years before speaks volumes on how disposable some people are, and how imbedded that fact is in our institutions and government. the fact that these men choose not to be bitter and angry, and see the sharing of their story as the therapy they were never allowed to consider is inspiring and humbling. hashtag, these are our heroes.

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