above the rim-the game

“break it down devante”

for whatever reason, my branch of the library recently acquired this fine film (to appeal to my 14-year old self). the bar scene in which that h-town track plays in the background spawned an obsessive listening to that song that rivalled the current rotation of miguel’s adorn. screening this was how i spent a sleepy holiday monday (thanks, paris) post brunch with my favourite babies (thanks, nehal). this is kind of the best tho-tupac as the worst coach ever, black jesus (see the “like a prayer” video) balling, and a most curious ikea product placement. until the NBA resumes, i got my hang-time podcasts and am trying to burn the vision of paul george‘s leg out of my mind. ESPN named the raptors their third of the east (after cleveland and the chi) but does anyone else see any problems with this? just because derrick rose is looking good right now and lebron’s back in the town he shit on five years ago, doesn’t mean anything is set in stone once the regular season starts. and last year’s one and two are slated to be 6 and 9? who’s holding on the proven 3-spot from last season? oh yea, us. the countdown is on, and i’ve finished my day4/100 workouts-let’s go.

dropped on ttc: TLC-fanmail, toni braxton-the heat, adele-19
kept: amalia-makings of, rashaan patterson-debut, left-eye-solo album

this is the new phase of metrotextual that has come out of the artist’s way-i have a pile of music on my desk to be listened to and potentially passed along on public transit.


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