the dead are more visible-steven heighton

“English resembled a sprawling bureaucracy. Hard to get a definite answer. Harder to find your way around.” (8)

“A place I could feel I belonged forever by virtue of not belonging. Never belonging. Islands always rebuff belonging.
But I was falling out of love with distance, absence.” (20, Those Who Would Be More)

“It’s a smile that enjoys itself a little too much.” (80, Outtrip)

oh, boy. i really chose this one because i promised myself i would non-movie trailer blog today, and i’m secretly giving all my attention to the re-watching of my so-called life, a show that apparently still makes me cry. i’m surprised at the ru-paul reference that just passed, and of how i’m also understanding the mother’s point of view this time around. this book was recommended by melanie, after she saw the author read sometime last year. i enjoyed the collection most of the way, i think the last few stories were dragging a bit for me. ok, that’s it. back to mscl.

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