voyage to the bluffs and the unexpected soul of a kazoo

granted, i probably chose the wrong time to see the 17-piece live band that i’ve been meaning to check out (the michael jackson tribute party would’ve been the right one), and my girl wasn’t in the lineup that monday night at the drake hotel, but after ten minutes, i found myself thinking: a) why are there so many people out drinking right now and not dancing? b) is that a cause or effect to the lack of feeling in this band right now? c) i should’ve just stayed home and finished bojack horseman. now i know that kalmunity/groundfood/nomads have spoiled me for live bands, and i know it’s a new time, with iggy azalea and all, but it really doesn’t matter if you can sing your ass off (and lady on stage had the pipes)-there’s only so much that can happen when you’re appropriating. i know imitation is the jump-off to all kinds of stuff, but you can memorize all the runs and trills you want, you can’t make people feel. or, you can’t make my high-expectation having ass feel.

so, since i was already out, i decided to check out what else was happening in the building. i found a lovely singer in the back (automatron?) and his two majestic backing vocalists and fiddler. we all know i have a thing for back vocalists, and these ones were in the fine company of those who can hold their own and take up all the space in their lane. i loved the original songs (and the cover they said they were doing) and the instrumentation. the little details, like the melody lines played in the kazoo were what kept me there-that’s the soul, the honesty, the authentic voice of a writer transmitted through musics. after their set, i felt like i had fulfilled my reason for leaving the house, and went home to finish bojack horseman.

this brings us to the back to back days spent at the scarborough bluffs. my favourite mama and babies drove me through earlier that day, and i woke up the next with no other motivation than to get back there. of course, i choose the hottest day of the year to head across town on public transit, but the good folks at the taylor memorial library helped me on my quest and provided the magazines that i would sit on a private rock reading. i’ve been paddling the last couple of weeks (shouts to jenifer at oshaosha paddling), and i’ve realized that being near water is important to me, and is something that i will make sure to do more of.

libraries used: taylor memorial, bloor gladstone, spadina road
music kept: parker’s mixtape c. 2012
library material most appreciated: heather o’neill’s the girl who was saturday night


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