what money can’t buy-michael j. sandel

“But to give money rather than a well-chosen gift to a friend, lover, or spouse is to convey a certain thoughtless indifference. It’s like buying your way out of attentiveness.” (101-2)

“If paying underachieving kids to read books brings a dramatic improvement in reading skills, we might decide to try it, hoping we can teach them to love learning later. But it is important to remember that it is bribery we are engaged in, a morally compromised practice that substitutes a lower norm (reading to make money) for a higher one (reading for the love of it).” (78)

“Advertising has also invaded the two institutions most central to civil authority and public purpose: jails and schools.” (196)

this last point was the most interesting, as they really brought home the “captive audience”. the people most vulnerable to targeting messaging are sold to the highest bidder (for cheaper than if they would’ve had to been got “honestly”) and forced to consume the those messages under the guise of “choice”.

libraries used: high park, palmerston
movies watched because my dvd player started working again: etre chinois en quebec, the other woman


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