hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world-haruki murakami

“Sex is an extremely subtle undertaking, unlike going to the department store on Sunday to buy a thermos.” (8)

my suspicions that i just like murakami‘s non-fiction more than his fiction have been confirmed by my interest only being held to about page 30 of this book. i just felt like i was re-reading wind-up bird, a book that i was already peeling my eyeballs back to finish. granted, i was at the end of my under 24hr birthday wraparound from montrill (had to be there for nomadic‘s ten-year anniversary), and i would one day like to read him not in translation, but for the moment, with what we got-i will sign up for non-fiction only. this quote, however, was worth the 30-page investment.

libraries used: annette street, bloor/gladstone
materials not to miss: our family wedding, brothers and sisters (final season)
albums kept: nomadic massive (self-titled) zenobia salik & the united electrosoul underground


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