this is where i leave you-jonathan trooper

“You never forget your first time, no matter how much you’d like to.” (61)

“Time hasn’t necessarily been unkind to us, but it hasn’t gone out of its way either.” (90)

“Things happen. People get lost and love breaks.” (312)

i feel like if we remembered this wisdom every time we went to stalk old lover/friends/family members, we’d be a lot better off. damn you, innernet. patton oswalt tweeted a few weeks ago his dismay at the potential revivals of 90s television shows, and i find myself wandering down the nostalgic rabbit hole of hankering-the one who gets away is ironically the one that stays forever.

“The smells of sex and burnt scrotum filled the air like a gas leak, and I swear, if someone had lit a match the room would have exploded.” (24)

“But I won’t because she’ll cry, and if she does, I probably will, and then she’ll have found a way in, and I will not let her pierce my walls in a Trojan horse of sympathy.” (11)

“There are no photos anywhere of her and Wade, which I’d like to read as a sign that she’s not that invested yet, but when you’ve been carrying on a yearlong illicit affair, there just aren’t a lot of photo ops.” (211)

“Beyond that, they don’t seem to exist, and I often wonder why they bothered immigrating. Surely there were plenty of pinched nerves and dust in China.” (11)

“His cologne fills the room like bad news.” (240)

“The girls are vacant and beautiful and wield their budding sexuality with a certain lack of control, like a toddler with a power tool.” (241)

“I look at her, wondering what it is about her that makes me want to simultaneously devote my life to her and get as far away from her as I can possibly get.” (256)

this book opened on a very strong note, and never really faltered. it was recommended repeatedly by jillian, who is doing her own completist study on his work-inspiring me to put all his titles on my own library holds’ list, but i have since forgotten the titles, so i don’t think i’ve made any of them active again. the cbc also announced it as one to read before TIFF, and sadly, the trailer of the film that is jam-packed with heavy hitters seems to only prove that the book is always better. we’ll see. it teases us about dysfunctional family dynamics (which are certainly present in the book), but shows us absolutely none of it. once again, i wonder what the author thinks of the film.

“He is the Paul McCartney of our family: better-looking than the rest of us, always facing a different direction in pictures, and occasionally rumored to be dead. As the baby, he was alternately coddled and ignored, which may have been a significant factor in his becoming such a terminally screwed-up adult.” (4)

“Phillip is a repository of random snatches of film dialogue and song lyrics. To make room for all of it in his brain, he apparently cleared out all the areas where things like reason and common sense are stores. When triggered, he will quote thoughtlessly, like some kind of savant.” (60)

“In my family, we don’t so much air out our grievances as wallow in them. Anger and resentment are cumulative.” (47)

branches used: annette street, parkdale, bloor/gladstone
cds kept: sekoya (self-titled), canibus can-i-bus
movie watched because of duolingo translation: jack (dir. francis ford coppola)
toronto musicals seen with outstanding co-stars: hedwig and the angry inch and life, death and the blues


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