one on one-john feinstein (part won)

“Most TV and radio types love to start interviews by saying, ‘So, tell us what your new book is about.’ Or they’ll say, ‘Your publisher sent me a copy, but I haven’t had time to look at it.’ Great. If you got a free book sent to your doorstep and didn’t read it, why should anyone else bother to go out and /buy/ it?
Someday, I am going to write a book about book tours. Then I’m going to refuse to go a book tour to promote it.” (138)

as i just put the finishing touches on adding fun facts to duolingo documents about basketball players (this time about kobe taking brandy to prom) and make the final payments on raptors tickets in two cities, my heart is beginning to flutter with anticipation of basketball once again in my life (to all the delusional lakers fans that i keep running into, this one’s for you). as a lifelong knicks supporter (especially now that their roster looks like the raptors‘ locker room circa last year, and phil jackson has returned to basketball and all), i realize that nets fans are to knicks fans what clippers’ fans are to lakers fans, except the part where the clippers are so just much better as a team (the new york ones are tied as of now).

“I had read somewhere that Ernest Hemingway always tried to stop writing mid-thought. He didn’t try to get to the end of a chapter or a story line. That way, when he began the next day, it was easier to get started.” (128)

this is why i stopped making my bed-because sleep is a work in progress, and i like picking up where i left off.

“I actually did have a copy out in the car, but I certainly wasn’t giving her one for her nephew. I’ve always found it remarkable the entitlement people feel to free books. In fact, I try to make it a point to go out and buy books written by friends because I know how much it bothers me to be asked for freebies.” (137)

i love this comment, and i’m deciding right now that this blog needs to be a multiple parter, because of all the different topics that i pulled quotes on (just like the hip hop reading rainbow that i did for guess this is the process instalment. all i really have to say to the above is, amen. oh! also-to interviewers who don’t read peoples’ books before interviewing-you are shit. your work is shit. writers don’t like you. readers don’t respect you. stop.

“I think I find the good in people, but I recognize the bad. I also, like my mother, can’t stand phonies. That’s why I wasn’t kind to Agassi or Chang. It is also why I haven’t exactly been best friends with Tiger Wood through the years.” (264)

“That was one of the realities of doing a book on Army and Navy: some of the people you met were going to put their lives on the line not long after graduation.” (382)

“What’s that old saying? A friend is someone you know well and you like them anyway.” (479)

and, when you don’t know someone, but you don’t like them anyway-it’s time to cut the ties. my therapist has helped me a lot with this this summer (6 months on, 6 months off-this is the best for all relationships), ending the prolonged process. it’s just that simple. you are the weakest link-goodbye.

“The answer was, in many ways, simple: he had been finding happiness. And once he found it, he didn’t want anything, including golf, to take it away.” (357)

this resonated once again, the previous time being in the documentary about artists, and this time in the realm of sports. remember folks, sometimes if you’re not doing the thing that you picked up to escape, maybe it’s because you don’t have to escape anymore.

i’m headed to see love is strange, a movie that i believe i know about because of duolingo, and i have to admit that the only reason that i’m not returning undeclared season 1 to the library on my way is because apatow appears to be obsessed with the untitled (how does it feel), song and video. for whatever reason-yesss.

branches used: bloor/gladstone, annette street
restaurant discovered on date night: barrio correo
crucial companion dvd (thanks, lillian h. smith branch): a place at the table dir.kristi jacobson and lori silverbush
duolingo status: spanish translation tier 5, italian level 12, french translation tier 8
duolingo user who blows me out of the water every day: royalhalo-props, homie.
countdown to raptors’ reunion (every time we play the knocks-i will cheer for almost everyone-hashtag, noprimopasta): 17 days


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