one on one-john feinstein (part too)

“Leadership is convincing people they can do things they shouldn’t be able to do.” (378) -Al Roberts

“His first name was Coach. This wasn’t uncommon in coaching, but it seemed especially true with Knight.” (90)

“That’s not Knight. Reminding people that they have not done as well as he had hoped is one way he maintains control of his relationships.” (100)

“Not a hand went up. ‘Exactly what I thought,’ Knight said. ‘This is what I’m talking about. As long as you are selfish people, you will never be good basketball players.’
He turned and walked out. As all the coaches followed him and I followed them, John Smith turned to me and said, ‘Now that was coaching.’
Coincidence or not, Indiana won its next seven games.” (103)

fred durst directed a movie starring ice cube and keke palmer (akeelah grew up!). this did send me down a rabbit hole of trying to see her leaked nude photos, to no avail. but the movie was great not only because it was a true story, but it also presented a story choice even in the movies to tell the tale of a girl succeeding in sports. that’s what irked me most about love is strange-even in the movies (that are not based on true stories), the gays must still suffer a celluloid death for being out and proud. and no, i won’t take “he died because he is old” as an excuse. bullshit. we can do better.

speaking of doing better, i am ever fascinated by a good coach. in fact, i believe that i have my eyes on calderon because phil has his eyes on calderon, and not only that, i’m pretty sure phil taught me to look for all the things in a basketball player that i do, twenty years ago, and now it’s coming full circle.

“It was also Larry to call almost everyone he had ever met or worked with a ‘special kid’. He called fifty-year-old men special kids. The only person I never heard him call a special kid was Dean Smith, whom he had played for in college. Like all Carolina people, Larry worshipped Coach Smith.” (359)

“Walsh was the perfect GM for Brown because he knew how to tune him out on those days when Brown wanted to trade his whole team, even the special kids among them.” (369)

pip coulda been a pacer. this was one of the most interesting things that i got out of this book that i first saw in the raptors‘ locker room, and on “hispanic heritage night” in nyc, calderon is the common raptor denominator on the court tonight. i’m rooting for our guys (obvi), but i’ve always been a knicks fan, since the bulls’ dynasty days-they were always the best opponents to watch, even when baby voiced billy cartwright would always get the calls over ewing. one day, “he was almost traded to miami” will be said about lowry, and it will seem just as impossible as scottie in blue and yellow.

“Kerr vividly remembers the aftermath of his first title in 1996. That was the year Jordan had returned to the Bulls following the murder of his father a couple of years earlier. After the Bulls won, Jordan took the championship trophy and collapsed on the floor of the locker room, hugging the trophy, tears running down his face. Only one person in the room could really understand how Jordan felt-Kerr, whose father had been murdered twelve years before.” (428)

what a father’s day to win the championship for those two. just like father’s day for tim duncan and kahwai leonard this last championship. i

libraries used: yorkville branch, toronto reference library
day of 30 day challenge-day 5 (thanks, angela)
unexpected nia vardalos sighting-for a good time, call
watching: undeclared, cowboy bebop
duolingo status: translation level 3 (italian), 2175 lingots
listening to: childish bambino-because the internet
thank-full for: jumping on a trampoline with a boxer, dogsgiving


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