the cat-edeet ravel

“I recognized the sensation that was slowing him down. Grief siphons your attention, distracts you, and you have to push through its cobwebs and thistles.” (175)

“Neil felt shielded by the anonymity of the heavily populated metropolis: he was not alone but at the same time he didn’t have to relate to anyone.” (74)

“Death brings merciless clarity.” (84)

i’ll admit that the ola evergreen lists have moved me in a decreasingly way from the first year i learned of its existence. this one was definitely not my favourite, though it allowed me to identify a recurring theme of tales of children dying before their parents, usually to parents who are blind to the effects of their repression.

“My parents made a show of being concerned that I had no friends, and yet they deprived me of the one friend I did have.” (160)

“It wasn’t what he said-it rarely is. It’s the contempt in his voice, as if I’ve become in his eyes the personification of depravity.” (181)

and where do we get our ideas from? how do we interact with our texts? where does imagination end and real life begin?

“Most of what she said was borrowed from somewhere. She had lost the ability to come up with her own words. Maybe she was afraid of what her own words would be, and where they’d take her. Nowhere good.” (128)

“Books! What role could they possibly play in my life? What could they possibly tell me? I did not want to be consoled because I could not be consoled. To suggest that consolation was possible-by way of books, of all things-was to advertise the wild inability of this woman or anyone else to understand what had happened. It sealed my isolation.” (18)

“I’m back in movieland, as of yesterday. Went to the library and picked up forty DVDs.” (134)

well, she should’ve gone to the library, because you can borrow 50 in a week. it’s interesting that this is a fictional account of a mother hiding in the movies, and priscilla uppal has a real life story of her mother hiding in the movies-it really makes us think about movies and books as a coping mechanism…hmm.

movie pairing: the other woman


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