tiny ladies in shiny pants-jill soloway

“We really did much better trolling for men on our own. When together, we would eat guys alive, more interested in making each other laugh than making progress.” (115)

“As usual, I didn’t listen. Smart woman, stupid pussy, another writer told me when I informed her of my plans.” (139)

“Anyone who ever suggested that women could combat sexism by going to male strip clubs is a complete idiot and doesn’t understand anything about everything.” (122)

“I was too young to know that eras moved in circles, not straight lines, and that once things progressed to a certain point, they would go around the bend and head back…..” (3)

“Or maybe the world just kept turning and landed at a place where for black people, power actually meant admitting that they don’t want anything to do with us either.” (163)

while reading this one, i wondered how exactly it was that it came to me. a google search just now confirmed it was because jill soloway directed afternoon delight, a film that i quite enjoyed a few months back. she also was instrumental in six feet under, a show that i will have to watch properly, as the few times i caught it on tv, it happened to be the exact same episode. coincidentally, i could borrow the who series from cj, who recommended the last book that i read that i really loved, real man stories by t cooper, who shows up as a contributor to another anthology that jill soloway is a part of, thanks, tpl for having all of it, though you missed cataloguing the siblings book under t cooper-i know because i’ve already put the rest of his work on hold. the last point in this circle is that i was looking up the toronto-produced transgender parent documentary (which is not yet on the library’s radar) and what came up but jill soloway’s participation on the show transparent, which i know of because the director of the doc was talking about it yesterday on q hosted by wab kinew.  huh.

as we approach the holidaze, i look forward to living without the pressure of someone else’s family (or my own) breathing down my neck to participate in their empty commercialistic gestures and neglect of their children in pursuit of status, but if my family was like this, i’d be all over it:

“Praying and acting Jewish was something our family only did at relatives’ houses, twice a year, and that was just as a way to get Grandma Minnie to bring out the sweet-and-sour brisket and matzoh ball soup and potatoes cooked in chicken fat.” (160)

“As for my mom, God was someone you talked to only on days loved ones were flying, as if He sidelined as a temporary travel insurance broker.” (161)

“On the plane to Chicago, I cried, less because I was afraid he would die, but more because, ten years after their divorce, my mother was the only person he could think to call.” (143)

ok, so my family is probably most like the last one, but i don’t have to worry about anyone leaving anytime soon. the best parents always die young, and this year marked the passing of georgie chan, the best stand-in father a girl could wish for, and i’ll savour my slow-cooker raisin bread pudding with expensive eggnog, amaretto, and coconut and chocolate shavings for the best mamita understudy who left us a few years back, martiza nunez. i suppose the ones who know how to live leave the soonest, and it’s not so tragic because they lived to inspire us all. rest in persistence. i love you.

movie tie-in: prince of broadway

duolingo translated: french article on james harden

raptors lately: coach of the month, eastern conference players of the week: lou williams and kyle lowry


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