the noble hustle-colson whitehead

“People, as ever, are the problem. The more people there are, the tougher you have it. Just by sitting next to you, they fuck you up, as if life were nothing more than a bus ride to hell (which it is). But what if you moved to another seat? Changed position? Your seat is everything. It can give you room to relax, to contemplate your next move. Or it might instigate your unraveling.” (77)

it’s always interesting to me how some authors are chameleons. chuck palahniuk was the first one i noticed, but in recent years, colson whitehead has also inspired this thought. just in their personal appearance, of course, though i suppose the books go through a sort of makeover each time, as each chooses vastly different topics. i guess it’s just the contrast of the writerly equivalent of mariah carey using the exact same format and/or font for every album cover, even the ones that probably shouldn’t have been released.

“The obnoxious self-regard. Sanctimony and self-regard are as American as smallpox blankets and supersize meals.” (101)

“If I was an octogenarian looking for love, I’d hit the casinos, no question. The dating pool is quite deep.” (50)

“We live in an age in which sitcoms outnumber miracles, and perhaps this is what we deserve.” (128)

i think this is the kind of insight and wit that attracts me to modern american writers/comics/commentators. but is there a point where the self-deprecating is too much?

“I hadn’t been glared at with such hate by two people since couples therapy.” (51)

i guess not. i didn’t learn that much about poker, death, or beef jerky from this book, but somehow, i think that was the point.

movie tie-in: the woody allen double feature that i got from mimicowhatever works and celebrity. funny how larry david in a drama looks a lot like larry david in curb. also, talk about using the same titles-woody allen’s staying true to his font and ensemble casts. i’m pretty sure that i first saw celebrity at cinecenta, the most valuable part of my university degree-thanks, uvic.


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