broken for you-stephanie kallos

“How would she use these words, these stories? She didn’t know, not yet. She could only keep prospecting.” (251)

“They looked for each other as if they were house keys.” (59)

it has happened once again. a book has crossed the threshold of my “to-read” list and i have no idea how. i don’t know if i should be worried about the feebleness of my short-term memory, or take it as proof that i have overloaded my brain with other people’s words, but i’m great-full for inspiration, however fleeting, and the library’s highly efficient hold system. although i have not been able to track down how this book got to me, i’m not entirely surprised, due to the focus on the themes of searching and loneliness and eventual empowerment, and delighted that they were encapsulated in some very good writing. when i was describing it, i told people that it was a book about “broken people and broken things”, and it is, but it’s a happy story because things and folks are put and putting themselves back together, apart and together.

“It was the girl’s shoe, a foolish high-heeled thing, the kind of shoe a woman wears when she has no faith in her own beauty.” (217)

“Insomniac by nature, he resists sleep because he fears the iconography of his dreams: When peopled, they feature characters from his past; when he is alone, he roams the rooms of a huge house in which, somewhere, a woman is crying. He can never find her.” (75)

i guess the moral of the story is that we need each other, or are better if we can manage to get it together, and who doesn’t need to hear that every now and again?

“Thankfully, though, she didn’t crave his artistic opinion. All she wanted was simultaneous sexual satisfaction, as frequently and in as many ways as possible.” (189)

the older i get, the more i believe in this, in theory and as a viable option. i used to think that i wouldn’t be able to divorce myself from a lover, but i realize now that it was just because i didn’t have much of a life yet.

“It is often said, in consolatory tones, that ‘time heals all wounds.’ But radiologists, who study and interpret physical proofs of the body’s ability to store memory, know that this is a crock of shit.” (222)

and, checkmate. but just because it’s true doesn’t mean it has to lead. a life not-so-meticulously-examined is just as worth living. some wounds never heal, but they all eventually stop oozing and getting infected. a thin layer of membrane is nothing to frown about, sometimes it’s all the protection we’ll get, so we either work with it, or die not trying. i’m with curtis on this one.

movie tie-in: delirious by tom dicillo for anyone who has questioned or negotiated the mentor/mentee relationship (or has been in any codependent relationship). also-is this a shootout to homeless troubled boy actors becoming tim riggins?


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