my life as a 10-year-old boy-nancy cartwright

“To watch these actors do multiple voices, in conversation with themselves, is a show that you wouldn’t want to miss. It takes extreme concentration and the ability to change your whole personality in a millisecond. As actors, we have the ability to turn it on and turn it off. There just isn’t enough time to use method acting in voiceover work. You either got it or you ain’t.” (103)

“Parody requires research. The writers will drop some silly or poignant visual joke that the animators have to execute. The animator doesn’t make up the idea but will enhance the joke through his or her design choices. Some of the most difficult visual jokes are found in signage and marquees. Sharp fans always have their eyes open for the latest turn of phrase.” (205)

watching all of the simpsons (ok, maybe from season two onwards because i cannot deal with the horrible graphics of season one) is on my list of things to do, but like steve harvey says, if you have time to watch all your shows, you’re not doing enough if life. truthfully, i got this because i thought that cartwright would offer more insight into her life as a scientologist, but alas and alack, all i got was a reference to l. ron hubbard’s narconon (drug rehab program) in the last pages of the acknowledgements-whomp whomp. but i suppose it was worth it to learn who voices whom, that koreans hand paint the cells, and this article that i found when i looked up the korean following of the sitcom.

“It’s like the first day of school in a new town. These celebs are expected to perform-and I don’t just mean the character they are playing. It’s ‘show me’ time in Springfield and many of them feel the pressure.” (60)

i suppose it would be a different kind of cameo for actors who are used to just showing up and looking pretty. a then again, it’s always good to get out of your comfort zone.

libraries used: the reference library (for a date full of fifth floor shenanigans leading to a complimentary marmot portrait), annette street

farewell to: erin-good luck in vancouver, thanks for the candles, art supplies, and glassware

signed up for: stand-up comedy class and AGO membership

christmas plan: new flannel pyjamas + bacon cinnamon buns + hobo with a shotgun


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