true lies-mariko tamaki

“Just as you don’t have a crush with someone (you have a crush on them), it’s similarly impossible to have sex with a crush.” (98)

oh, the wisdom. the fantasy! i read this one almost a year an a half ago, and i remember it being so funny that i missed my stop on the streetcar on my way to a chfa party. when i reached that party, sarah told me that it was one of her faves, and i like that its compact packaging allowed me to slip it into my fanny pack and eat some duck-based hors d’oeuvres.  she did mention something about seeing mariko perform live, and i cannot find any videos. so-if anyone can, please share-please and thank you.

“There is no such thing as clash or mismatch but there is such a thing as ugly. And nothing goes with ugly.” (59)

“My grandmother told me once that lies are like bubble gum, they stick to your teeth and if you swallow them, they take twelve years to digest. My grandmother says that truth is like honey, sweet on your tongue.

Oh if only it were true.

I think I would be more inclined to compare lies to pearls; they look better strung together in a set.” (13)

My father and I have had a particular and consistent relationship when it comes to communication: I have a lot to say, and he doesn’t want to hear it.” (50

“…Dave was one of those strange boys who was less interested in sexual adventures than he was in an intimate and meaningful relationship. Dave’s mom, I guessed, spent an excess of quality time with him. Either that or she completely ignored him.” (31)

it’s a thin line, between lie and truth, love and hate, and parental neglect and smothering. i love how she just melds this all together. i remember reading about tamaki in ricepaper magazine, before i was a contributor. i’m glad she’s still working, and i’m still jealous of her sweaters. my favourite piece of hers was a hilarious article about fat girls and fashion.

i had another dream about a dog, this time i was trying to smuggle a dog at work but accidentally killing it twice in extreme temperatures, and then it disappeared completely. i read about dog dreams, and they’re possibly about loyalty and ex-partners hanging around. i hung out with milo, david‘s dog bestie a few days ago, and he was crying and moping then cuddling and biting my hands. reading up on that-it’s about possessiveness. perhaps it’s the loose incense that i’m burning that is making my dreams more vivid, but it’s all a bit eerie.

my ex recently told me that he “dated someone else and didn’t like it” so he wants to get back together. guess whose framed baby picture has just been replaced by my newly won marmot portrait?

also-shouts to the reference library, not just for providing the portrait from their photo archives, but also the info that there are actually marmots at the toronto zoo. i may get to observe some actual marmots before the year is up. badu is good.


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