the artist’s way for parents-julia cameron and emma lively

“It is a paradox that the less we hold on to, the more we have.” (101)

“Creativity is a spiritual issue, and making something from nothing is a spiritual experience.” (121)

as i flip through the notes of books i read during the dark year, why not put this most recent julia cameron book close to the first one? i’m all for making a plan for our children, even if it’s trying to make money from a book on how to get the best out of our children.

“Showing our children that they have the ability-and the right-to experiment in all art forms, we teach them that they have choices. We teach them that they have choices. We teach them to try new things without over thinking the consequences.” (127)

“Children who are allowed to be creatively free tend to become creatively free adults. And children whose play is discouraged or controlled tend to grow into people who second-guess their own instincts.” (63)

“When we reward achievement with attention as opposed to rewarding effort and interest, our children start to feel that they deserve our love only when they succeed.” (227)

one of the regular children came in today showing me a circle scarf that she finger knit. i didn’t even know such a thing existed, until i saw the final product and heard her describe it to me. i googled it, and now i want to do it too. last week, i was in a needle felting class with a young girl who was making it look easy-she decided to give her gnome an eyepatch, and her exclamation that she wanted to give him a french moustache inspired me to give mine a giant hell’s angels beard. i am inspired daily by the children that i know, and i aim to work towards a legacy that is not lost.

“Sometimes the right non-action is every bit as valuable as the right action: by not putting a bit of judgement or limits on his imaginative nature, Patt allowed Arthur to achieve his full potential with a feeling of safety and acceptance.” (67)

“Perfectionism is egotism parading as virtue. Do not be fooled. We are good enough. And our children are good enough, as well.” (196)

“Too much money for too little work is as damaging as too little money for too much work.” (144-5)

i gotta vouch for the formative years-i can personally attest to the fact that the lessons we learn then can stay with us forever, even if they’re buried and uncovered over the years. shouts to my grandma who made sure that i always had a attentive and nurturing audience of one for that one year. i remembered recently how she let me drink coffee and watch johnny carson at 4-years old (when a customer told me that “every 4-year-old girl has a tiara”) and look at me now.


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