guts-kristen johnston

the endless follies and tiny triumphs of a giant disaster

“So, many years ago, before I even got sober, I managed to stop lying to guys (except about my drug and alcohol consumption). Here’s the truth: I hate football, and I will never, ever care about it. Sorry. You enjoy, though.” (143)

riiight? i try with the footballs, i really do. i even played football in high school, though it wasn’t anything like friday night lights. but for the efforts-i have no idea what’s happening. and i really can’t be down with a sport where the average career is three years, and people get so busted that they kill themselves rather than live with brain damage when they’re used up. and i suppose it’s fitting that i’m writing this while watching straight acting-a story about queers and sports, which is worth a look if your library has it (yea, mine!) or you can get it on the netflix.

“She only had two minor drawbacks. She was dumb as a box of hammers and mean as a snake.” (46)

i’ve walked past this book and even picked it up a few times at my local branch, and i am seduced every time by amy sedaris‘ recommendation on the cover. actually, the cover itself is sexy as all fuck. i know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but hey-i do it. you do it. we all do it, that’s why the adage had to be invented. sheesh.

but it’s a quick read, as most of these funny lady memoir-ish books that i’ve read as of late have been. note: it’s exactly the kind of book i am writing, form tba. it was the perfect companion on my recent 24hr trip to new york, and i’m glad it exists. bigups to all the bullies and people who make things hard. life is always better when you have to earn it.


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