real man adventures-t cooper

“Notice that I am nowhere on the pyramid. This is because for years, I was generally apologetic about my situation. I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, ever, so I readily shelved my own discomfort over being referred to by the wrong pronoun.” (54)

“I am not ‘a woman trapped in a man’s body.’ That’s asinine. I was born in the body I was born into; I’m not trapped, but I am a man.” (16)

“Because when one’s candor is filtered through another human being, especially one with a little more power, the results can be devastating (see: all of history).” (8)

this one was cj’s pick. i share it off the top of this year because i am blessed to be cj‘s pick. unlike the six feet under set that i have yet to crack, this one was irresistible-the cover is amazing, the drawings and presentation inside, and the dimples that lit up with the description made me jump into it and finish it in a day. i was so floored that i was going to request that the library get it, and found out that they already have all of cooper‘s work. another proud moment of tpl. they didn’t list one of his contributions to the sibling anthology that jill soloway is also in (that is also on my shelf), but hey-they have it.

“It is far simpler to say something was broken and needed fixing. That God made a mistake. That a boy brain was accidentally installed in a girl body. Or vice versa. Because most people understand mistakes. Even God botherers understand mistakes: love the sinner, hate the sin. Understand something mutating and just needing a little adjustment to be made right. Because anything else is too complicated. Demanding. Not black-and-white enough. Too gray. Too man-without-a -penis. Too woman-with-one. Does. Not. Compute.” (211)

this book is a must-read for anyone who knows or cares about any men, but it’s crucial for people who think or wonder about trans men. i actually felt rage about the woman who wrote that incendiary article, and, considering that, wonder how the author feels about the descriptive blurb on the cover.

is it me, or does t cooper have a strombo thing going on?


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