freud’s blind spot-ed. elisa albert

“At length he stood up and, in an arrogant, contemptuous voice, and said, “Cria cuervos y te sacaran los ojos,” a famous Spanish proverb that literally translates as “Raise ravens and they’ll pluck your eyes out.”  Then he walked away.” (138, True Brothers, James Canon)

“I’ve tried to make of many a cool woman a sort of surrogate, wishful sister, neatly destroying many a friendship in the process.” (3, introduction)

“Probably because my parents worked so hard to ensure that it did not ruin my life, their divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me. It made me compromise between two great options.” (252)

i almost lost this one. i was saving the last story and everything. but just as i wrote a dry erase note about it, i remembered that i left it on top of the coffee maker-phew. i was reading it because it was an anthology that t cooper and jill soloway both took part in. it also has a great cover, and for all those who claim not to judge books by covers-i see you, liars. that hasn’t been true for as long as beyonce has had a (visual) career-save it for the kindles, that’s true democracy for covers. and equal opportunity for glaucoma.

for some reason, i got really angry at the girl who asked me about it on the subway and laughed at me for reading it because i don’t have any siblings. but that’s not entirely true. i do have siblings, and like most of my relationships-they’ve been transitory and non-committal. or invisible-hey, tony.

but i felt the parents angle, i did appreciate the discussion of how the same two parents can be experienced in such different ways, separately and together. and when they’re better to separate together.


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