floor sample-julia cameron

“Missing a place creates a slow and constant ache. The body goes into mourning as if it had lost a lover.” (328)

“It wasn’t a fight. It was something worse than a fight: a declaration.” (231)

it seems so long ago that the artist’s way first surfaced on the radar, but i guess it’s like anything you become aware of, once you notice it-it’s like it’s always there. just look up in a tree for a plastic bag and try not to see one in every second tree that you pass after that. now that my affirmations are part of my work station, and morning pages are incorporated into my stand-up class, it only made sense to read the creative memoir of the artist behind the way.

“My friends have sometimes told me that I am too generous with men, but I have always found a genuine joy in service to art that has nothing to do with the men. There is a joy in being a believing mirror for someone else.” (333)

“Looking back, it is easy to see that our issues around the Artist’s Way indicated great differences in our personal identities. As an artist, I thought of the Artist’s Way as being like a work of art-it could stand on its own. As an entrepreneur, Mark thought of it as a brainchild that needed nurturing and guidance to be properly exploited.” (225)

“When I look at the photo now, I see it as emblematic of the trouble we were in. Like Kong, our trouble held us in its fist. Like Kong, it could crush us at any moment. Martin and I smile for the camera, but our smiles are death-row grins. It is easy in cozy retrospect to see the irony of the photograph. We were so young and in so desperately over our heads-cliches in the maw of Hollywood.” (66)

“In short, my playwriting was more successful than my romance.” (113)

it took me until the end to realize the common threads of the revolving connections between men and places, art and addiction, and occasional discord between happiness and “productivity”. the portrait on the back of the book is a bit terrifying, but i appreciated the frank and insight-full backstory behind the writer whom hunter s. thompson once told to get sober (yikes), and the woman and mother who did a great job doing the best that she could. many thanks for leaving a legacy, ms. cameron.


One thought on “floor sample-julia cameron

  1. I need to really dive into the Artist’s Way with more detail. although, I must say i’m finding the creator’s story twice as interesting. Finding the ingredients of a meal can be just as tasty. pg 328 is more like “missing your lover” than a place right now

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