on a tuesday

it’s been a minute. i must say that this stand-up course has been taking a lot of my energy. that, and the pace at which i’ve been living and loving life. it’s been hard to come back from being completely spoiled in nyc, and you know, cooking my own breakfast and shit. but back to life, back to reality. there’s only one class before our performance, and i think i’m getting more relaxed because after that, it’s over. this doesn’t mean that i’ve been feeling any less guilt over my level of procrastination when it comes to preparing for class, but i have developed a kind of semi-regular routine when it comes to the time before.

i don’t sleep in after the radio show, rather i get up at the regular time to get my weekly coffee (second cup maple latte tuesday special, i see you!) early enough so that i have enough time to work it through my system, head to the scadding court ice rink to skate with the one old man who is keeping fit on tuesdays. i must’ve needed that skate, as i decided to do my check-in as a one-minute poem and make my jokes less personal because they’re not funny yet, they’re still tragic. i didn’t seem to notice until after i got off the ice that my feet were frozen almost to the point of hypothermia and they were actually burning, like my eyeballs used to in montreal when the water in them froze in the winter.

i defrosted in the sanderson library, one of my favourite branches, even though the washroom always smells like pee, even though no pee is visible, it’s like how mcdonald’s workers never can get the smell of fried out of their skin and hair. there’s a weird message written on the hand dryer there about seeing and police, and every time i look at it, i see something else.

dundas and bathurst is a good corner.

libraries used: sanderson, bloor & gladstone, annette

watching: six feet under-season one

duolingo progress: portuguese level 12, 2664 lingots


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