this metrotextual morning

“i woke up, feeling brand new”

a true friend comes when you call, even if you haven’t spoken in a minute, holds space to support you, offers an out and a getaway car in case you want to fuck the whole thing and go eat crepes, and informs you after your first stand-up performance in a club that it was a full moon in virgo.


it figures. and yes, i took it to polio, malaria and domestic violence in a teeny bar full of people drinking (shoutout to not my dog for running the night and so graciously giving us so many spots). it was nice to get out of my own head and hear some jokes that haven’t been the same ones my classmates have been telling for the past 8 weeks. there were some celebs (of the toronto comedy world) there, and even a cassanova that i met from an old co-worker.

after the jokes, we caught up over noodles-choo choo train resto-bless your freakin’ heart. you’ve been the setting to so many of my best toronto encounters, including the jumpoff to the realization that i really wanted to live here. note to self-get contact lens solution to make home more inviting.

i woke up willingly for the first time in a long time, and the sun was shining. when i arrived at dufferin station, it was kind of like the apocalypse with people streaming out of the station due to a fire at lansdowne, and even thought it was after 8am, i figured that walking the two stations above ground wouldn’t set me back that far, and why not continue my great morning with some brisk exercise. it was sunny, and there’s something about all those people being above ground on bloor, the same ones that you’d see everyday but not even look at because you’re underground, that was really beauty-full. we were all signs of life, signs of choices, signs of being collectively fucked by the ttc, but we all got to where we were going, and as far as i know, it was not a very serious fire.

i jumped on the symington bus because it was there, and spoke to some lovely ladies about the morning, and one of them shared that she thought that the 40 was so much more frequent, which was interesting because waiting for the 40, i always see at least 5 symington buses pass by, most of them empty, so it truly is all about perspective.

i’m happy to say that things are looking up. my baby arrives today, and although i’m still ecstatic that the course will be over soon, i’m also looking forward to that performance a bit too. who knows, maybe my team will beat the hornets tonight, too.

jv-i see you. just like it took until this point in the season last year for me to be on board for lowry, i take my hat off to you, big science. way to make a lane for lebron to show himself further as the player and human that he truly is.


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