church of metrotextual

“let’s make a deal….”

has anyone else ever wondered why sound academy is so dang hard to get to? and while we’re here-if you’re gonna call yourself sound academy-why is the sound so shitty?!

as i cried in a cab to the aforementioned ridiculously inaccessible venue (it doesn’t help that union station has been under construction for 15,000 years and they decide to change the rules every weekend with shuttle busses that don’t quite get there) to my very patient wise beyond her years vancity friend that i maybe i should quit performing because it’s always such a heart-wrenching affair, i had no idea the ’90s extravaganza that i was walking into.

who knew that jon b. could play the piano like that? but let’s back up a second-who knew that i would see jon b., intro, mr. cheeks and mya in 2015? and the hosts did a great job of keeping the crowd into it, though i’m pretty sure that jay martin recycled some of trix’ jokes from 2013. no matter, r&b reigns supreme.

but it was seeing fine-ass mya twenty years after i’d only watched her videos on tv come out in her leotard and blazer that was the reality check for me. because, fuck it if nobody every comes out to never see me for the first time, i cannot stop wanting to be on stage in a leotard and a blazer. in fact, mya and meena my cat baby that i have joint custody of (she’s the cat of my dreams that is the parallel of my current romantic relationship) are my current fitness idols.

i woke up late yesterday because i didn’t make it home until 4am. i watched a late quartet and cried because there are no coincidences. i returned it to library and picked up a pedometer-yup, i am counting steps. maybe it will be like duolingo-the recommended number of steps for an active lifestyle is 10,000 so i’m gunning for 30,000.

i stepped into the new starbucks on the corner and ran into one of my cross-country close but far friends, katie messina. i met her a decade ago, when we were in the same mental space of being tired of vancouver and feeling stifled in our creative careers. she specifically was saying how she didn’t want to be around people who didn’t support her. well, there are no accidents.

also-i wore canvas shoes yesterday. with no socks. hello spring, it’s nice to see you. and even though my team lost, i know it was in part due to the fact that refs #22, 40, and 61 need to stop the insanity, and because we chose not to rebound or defend any of their 3-point shooters, and i’m glad that derozan‘s shots are falling and that he’s getting to the line. let’s not get caught up with our placing in the standings because they don’t really matter-the playoffs do, and we’re going further this year. we don’t have to worry about beating any more of these dynamo teams in the west, because if it comes down to it, we’ll only be playing one of them. let’s also remember that we have exactly the same amount of recent playoff experience (if not more) than all of them-that’s the beauty of the nba this year-atlanta, memphis, portland, golden state, and us are in the same boat once the real season within the season begins. aw, yea…


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