red hook’d*

on the way back from picking up our car for the weekend, hobo ken, we went to the red hook ikea, and i will now recommend this to anyone coming to new york who wants to see the statue of liberty. there’s an excellent view from the restaurant and the food offerings in the restaurant and the supermarket are much more extensive-cheese and salmon and spinach lasagna in addition to the scrimps! also, to further kick our ikea’s ass, all the light fixtures i wanted were under $20 (though too awkward for me to take home on the plane) and there was a whole stationary section (again, rolls of wrapping paper just didn’t make sense) though i wanted all the ribbons and the bday place-settings and flags and the gift tags-but hey, i made up for it later on with the materials that i jacked from the brooklyn museum, which blows the AGO out of the water, btw. who knew that i would wake up on saturday morning to see tombs and mummies and ancient egyptian rock formations in the same building as basquait’s unknown notebooks? not me.

but before that, we stopped in the oft-described, never entered (to/by me) fairway foods and i was ecstatic to discover that vita coco cafe also comes in mocha and the merchandising defied what i’d previously thought was possibly shopable.

and we capped this food-shopping trifecta with our return to trader joe’s. (sigh).

my mind is blown, and i’m inspired by all that is simple and beauty-full. and yes, i am ever an easily amused only child.

*in no way is this appreciation pro-carmelo. or that horrible spike lee movie.


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