church of metrotextual-the weeknd update

first, thank you to shad k and zaki ibrahim a thousand times over for the amazing show at massey hall. when i bought the tickets in august, i never in my wildest dreams thought that this double bill was in store. not bad, for some immigrants.

next, i need to acknowledge my baby catching cross-city amazing human friend vivi for this past year of processing in public places, and shout her out for showing up to writing sunday that week. (this is hella late, but i saw it in my drafts and decided to finish it).

i met angela for the green living show, which was not at the direct energy centre, and we found out on the way there. it was at the convention centre instead, and as i walked up john street, i got a feeling that i would run into strombo, as this was my weekly walk to the cbc studios to watch his show taping. sure enough, as i got up the escalator, i ran right into him.

we also bumped into samurai bambi, her brother and her mama, and andrea. it was a strange show, more of a sale than a trade show, but we found lots of good stuff, tried electric scooters and shiatsu belts, and walked away with the best natural deodorant i’ve ever tried (though it’s a cream, so application is a bit unorthodox) and my spring jewelry pieces thanks to unikati & co, a duo that i was great-full to meet, as i’m sure they will come in handy for a lot of my gift-giving needs.

after the show, i was on the streetcar home and ran into gwen, a photographer that i met my first year in toronto, and she was telling me about how she’d just seen asiansploitation, and no joke-their card has probably been on my desk and my list of things to do for almost that long. if that wasn’t enough synchronicity, i just intending to go home, hang with the cat and watch six feet under (i’m watching the last season and can definitely say that i liked the first ones better) when i got a text from vivi that malika was in town and that i should meet them in kensington market.

i did, and after meeting nidia (another blessing), we all hung out until it was time to find some food before the queen caught her flight to the banff centre, and it was the perfect opportunity to try the treetop african cafe, which was the exact right decision, once again confirmed by the fact that they stayed open for us, made fresh fufu, and it turns out that vivi delivered the proprietor’s baby.

it was truly a blessed weekend, and i love toronto for coming through when i need it-even when it leans on montrill to do so.

we can all be friends, it’s just better when we also do the work.


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