pearl river mart

i read this touching article on the pearl river mart and immediately put it on my bi-weekly things to do this past weekend in nyc. for the record-i will state that in most places, a street and its directional counterpart usually connect at some point, but that is not true at all of broadway and west broadway. arg. i must have known this at some point, but it’s a steep learning curve of getting around the city again. and i’m old now. i don’t adapt to change well.

but it turns out that i had been to the store not too long ago, on my original return at the bottom of last year. it’s located just a few doors down from one of my favourite shops-yellow rat bastard. i actually purchased the year of the goat notebook that i thought would hold some insight on my sign (in my year), but it turned out to be blank-so how’s that for destiny. i am currently filling it on sundays with my forthcoming show.

i felt better this trip about taking public transit, though i did get turned around and had to do some guesswork below and above ground, but i got to where i needed to go. perhaps it was the plethora of other states that we had jammed into the first part of the trip-jersey, delaware, maryland and dc.

tuesday morning was perfect for reclaiming the bryant park library from the sex in the city movie wedding. after i dropped my love off at work, i headed back to my original nyc jumpoff to have a coffee and do a crossword on the lawn amongst the tulips. i explored the perimeter, exchanged pleasantries with the shoe shine men, and discovered a blue bottle cafe just on the outskirts, so next time, i will sample the coffee that makes up half my favourite chocolate bar. san francisco, i’m still coming for you, but this will be first. i love the games station, the carousel, and i made some pretty great bangles out of fancy paper at the art station before i left. i didn’t have scissors so i just built the templates, but i still wore them because they’re really fly. the public eye photo exhibit made me smile, and the gift shop is one of my favourites of its ilk.

i caught an earlier flight home to cuddle my angry little dander-lion and catch up with vivi before she disappears into the vortex of her last semester at school.

i may be getting the hang of this back and forth bizness, though i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t looking forward to sinking the anchor for about six weeks after the next trip in two weeks to stay for a full week. i can’t believe it will be july then. time flies, fuck whether you’re having fun or not.

oh! i have a new addition to the iPod family thanks to the captain-it’s not looking good for my podcasts.

reg is playing: lots and lots of kanye

redd is playing: jay-z unplugged, zhane, masta ace, patrice rushen

rubby is playing: solange and beyonce

reading (very slowly): all the broken things by kathryn kuitenbrouwer and shooting stars by lebron james and buzz bissinger

duolingo status: chipping away at level 16 in portuguese by translating an article on meryl streep, 2914 lingots


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