three/mix: cesare pavese-“and then we cowards” vs. idra novey-translators confession, 3a.m. vs robert frost-stopping by woods on a snowy evening

it’s the last one, so i decided to use the remaining three pieces and work them into these three poems:

won (b-side):

we cowards whose woods dropped your sentence in hot water

the whispering of the village tho-talked to the boil

houses stop here to burn you

the soft-hearted river fills up with snowy words

dirty red and queer arms, napes, sweet places, soundless sorrow

frozen farmhouse, hands of vapour, done burning

living in the darkest evening

the invisible person in our heart won’t blisten

harnesses shake, fill of blood and mistakes

no more sweetness in pockets

only losing sweeps and easy flakes

paths we knew in deep

woods emerge

promises of sleep

a murky leak

another mind scrapes

alone and never alive

too (b-side): 

never scrape against

the lone and live sleep

know deep promises

of another mind

murky leaks emerge

from deep, wooded paths

lose easy flakes in sweeps

of sweetness startled with

mistakes of our hearts

that harness shakes and

pockets full of water

living hands of invisible persons

in the darkest frozen hour

done burning vapours in soundless sorrow

the sweet nape of dirty red arms

burn soft like hearts of snowy rivers

stopping here to house whispers talked to

boil cowards in hot water

three (b-side):

queer napes

invisible shakes

harness hearts

living mistake

burning done

vapor flake

cowards scrape

frozen blisters

never sleep

promise to weep

deep as snowy woods

startled hearts

burn invisible

dirty red whispers

will not listen

(soundless sorrow)

for a thousand flaky tomorrows…..


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