what’s love got to do with it?

“i’m ike, turner, turn up, baby no i don’t play, now eat the cake annie mae, eat the cake, annie mae, i’m nice…”

“in 1971 they could get away with it, but now in 2012, they can’t”

i watched what’s love got to do with it for the first time this morning and can cried at the ramada inn scene. i wondered if we’ve moved past the time when an ike turner would be tolerated for so long, and while we’d like to think that things have changed (we always do), there was no public outcry about the above bullshit jay-z lyric a few years back.

i made to the library’s presentation of trick or treaty tonight and i cried at the similarities of public and private helplessness, as well as those of private and public triumph and healing. i also had exactly two dollars in my wallet to donate to the day of giving-woot!

now, i’m bookending with angela bassett in betty and coretta (thanks, branch #100) and it’s interesting how things come full circle. bassett is playing coretta this time (with malik yoba as martinny undercover to birmingham), after already having played betty (twice), as well as biggie’s mom, michelle obama (on the simpsons), rosa parks, and michael jackson’s mom, amongst many, many other roles.

it’s the tina turner role, though, that’s most significant as of late, as she was up against whitney and janet for the role (what a different movie it could’ve been!) and she was behind the recent whitney biopic, and both of them ended in the same way, with the singer in a triumphant moment on stage.

angela bassett‘s career is a historical feat in itself, and she has also managed to interweave her career in history, in that forest gump kind of way.

and how is mary j. blige‘s skin still so flawless, tho?


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