shooting stars-lebron james with buzz bissinger

“you wouldn’t be ballin’ if your name was Spalding”

“No one in high school deserves to be compared to Michael Jordan, and no one in high school could be expected to withstand the pressure of such a comparison. We had become bigheaded jerks, I in particular, and we are to blame for that, but so are the adults who treated us that way and then sat back and smugly watched the self-destruction.” (160)

uh, harold miner, anyone?

i got this one in an attempt to endear myself a bit more towards lebron. see there’s about a decade and a half that basketball was blank for me (my mid-teens to 30), mostly because i was living in a town that didn’t really give a shit about anything but indie music and i was in my most nomadic state of mind (i do think that following a sport, or a team is an activity best done stationary).

it’s like i’ve just blocked him from my memory completely, but i’m not surprised-i wasn’t moved by jordan, or kobe, or this whole me-me-me era (of which jordan arguably was not part of), so lebron just doesn’t register with me.

but i do get very upset when i hear him complaining about having to play in the all-star, or when i saw him quit the finals last year, or cramps. the cramps was the powder keg that started my first internet beef-on duolingo.

“I have never been much of a complainer anyway.” (12)

uh, i guess the book was written in 2009. it was a bonus that the book was written with buzz bissinger, of friday night lights fame, though i have to say the collaboration worked on both fronts in terms of readability.

i appreciated this back story, but i can’t say that my view of dood has changed much. there are great points made for and about child athletes, though, and i’ve been thinking a lot on the subject lately. for that, i am great-full. would i recommend this to anyone? i have yet to meet that person. the pictures, though, are great.

“I was arrogant, dubbing myself King James; my head did swell. In hindsight I should have kept quiet, but I also was what I was, a teenager, and every reporter in the world seemed to be rushing toward me at once.” (143)

“But I promised myself, in the funny way that little kids make promises over things that nobody else in the world cares about, that one day I was going to put Akron on the map.” (9)

well, he sure did that. though as game 1 of the finals that i care the least about since the oj year, the warriors also put out there that steph curry was born in the same hospital as lebron.

“It just seems like everything is going wrong. Like the wheels are just falling off. Things are happening that never happened before. People are trying to do it by themselves. The referees are calling things that don’t seem right. Like everyone has it out for us. It’s our fault but we are blaming everyone else. I know that.” (153)

“But basketball is about finding the right parts and putting them together.” (31)

and when i read this last month, i couldn’t think more about our team since the all-star break. here’s hoping that we don’t draft another brazilian preteen that we throw into the d-league team that we didn’t really need to buy and actually invest in a big man instead of pretending that we don’t need a center/can wait for valanciunas to play his size/get those gortat points.

oh, and if james johnson can’t play for us, can we let him play elsewhere?

the raptors announced yesterday their pre-season game in montrill this year is against the wizards, so it’s a date made for me and fredy v if i ever heard of one. we can start the count together.


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