bold as love-unit 2

“i want you to notice me”

it always pays not to be a flake. especially when showing up begets such rewards as last night’s. i love that this is a small world if we want it, and that that’s sometimes a good thing. the concert at unit 2 last night was a reunion, revelation, and renewal of my faith in all things beauty-full in this city.

the first act felt like nineteen. all of the wonder and the raw talent and the public negotiation of her style vs. substance ratio. the endless tuning and the banter went on a bit long, but hey-i’m glad folks are taking up space because it’s not a high school dance. young songwriters are inspiring, even if they could read more books and listen to more music-hey, can’t we all?

in the intermission, an orange cat dragged in a teeny bunny with its claws firmly in its little neck, dropped it off, then proceeded to lay out in the parking lot. i’m not sure what kitty’s intentions were, but i found out that there is a population of wild bunnies living by the chocolate factory that follow people around. you learn something new about your city every day.

the act i came to see did not disappoint. i love how the universe unites us with those we’re meant to be around, in the place that we’re meant to be together, at the time that is best. in a moment where i’m negotiating how many more opportunities i need to give people to disappoint me until i am no longer satisfied with being disappointed (full disclosure-i’m pretty much there), i am excited to see a glimpse of who can fill the spaces. like cleaning house on my duolingo tree-i have added some folks who have added me lately, who have impressive streaks, and hope to be pushed further, because always being on the top of a list of inactive users is never a true motivation.

the final act was unexpected and refreshing-i couldn’t stop smiling from my heart because a cello was brought into the space and played so well. i was also sitting on roz’s garbage can near her while she added vocals and bottle percussion on the tracks. yea, improv. yea living room shows. yea, artists.

with cucumber slices in my bra and a cat that now sleeps in the bathroom, i’m looking at my month in toronto with anticipation and joy. bigups to all my peoples from vanity and the ‘trill for the reminders.


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