jitterbug perfume-tim robbins

“To diminish the worth of women, men had to diminish the worth of the moon. They had to drive a wedge between human beings and the trees and the beasts and the waters, because trees and beasts and waters are as loyal to the moon as to the sun. They had to drive a wedge between thought and feeling, between the lamplight by which they count the day’s earnings and the dark to which our Pan is ever connected. At first they used Apollo as the wedge, and the abstract logic of Apollo made a mighty wedge, and the abstract logic of Apollo made a wedge, indeed, but Apollo the artist maintained a love for women, not the open, unrestrained lust that Pan has, but a controlled longing that undermined the patriarchal ambition. When Christ came along, Christ, who played no musical instrument, recited no poetry, and never kicked up his heels by moonlight, this Christ was the perfect wedge. Christianity is merely a system for turning priestesses into handmaidens, queens into concubines, and goddesses into muses.” (50-51)

full disclosure-i didn’t finish this one. in fact, i was reading it, coincidentally concurrently with someone, and when i checked back in about it months later, the result was the same-we both dropped it. he had read (and loved) tim robbins before, i had no previous experience, except the rave reviews of others, and was disappointed, though rather non-plussed by the whole thing-in the absence of expectations, disappointment is rare.

i suppose i could tie to black messiah, which i didn’t really feel despite everyone’s need for smelling salts last christmas. but i am trying again, and i always have a slow connection to d’angelo at first-though i’m great-full for this eric the tutor mix and the discovery a) of the existence of a live d’angelo album (i thought the first and last i had heard was of dr. j’s secret recording in an east van basement a decade ago) and b) of it being part of the library’s collection. one more reason to love the library, though i need to sort out a very serious matter for a friend.

the above quote was worth the incomplete read, though, and i’m realizing that this was probably the first book that i didn’t finish in quite a long time.

“Your snout will solve the puzzle even if your intellect should not.” (13)

that was the one that hooked me too early and didn’t deliver. oh well.

“They fell asleep smiling. It is to erase the fixed smiles of sleeping couples that Satan trained roosters to crow at five in the morning.” (34)

maybe. but what of the sounds of the elderly cat waking/dying at 4am?


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