how hungry is america-joel berg (part won)

“Less than perfect produce is far healthier than no produce at all.” (265)

“Businesses that donate food to charities often oppose increases in the minimum wage and other government policies would decrease people’s need for such donated food.” (20)

“People can only eat more responsibly when they have both the money and nutritional information.” (123)

“Obama would be the first president in history to have grown up in a family that received food stamps. He started his career as an antipoverty organizer and when he was in the Illinois State Senate, he authored the law that gave state tax credits to low-income working families. During his primary campaign for president, he proposed a concrete plan to halve domestic poverty in ten years and offered specific ways to reduce child hunger.” (291)

“That’s the kind of country this is. Only in America would someone be less ashamed to beg for help from his neighbors than to obtain government benefits to which he is legally entitled.” (11)

i was reading this at the reference library when i went to see miranda july*. i had a whole conversation about food deserts and the stop (then up for a toronto book award) and the store and waste and government with david sax-knowing that i knew his name, but not quite clicking on why-the dang deli book (that i’m not sure if i’ve actually read or not)! but maybe i’ll get another chance at these library events-the last one was when i chickened out of a selfie with david suzuki-i mean, he’s basically royalty.

i was also listening to the interview on thermal soundwaves about the feedom freedom farm, and it planted yet another seed that the d is an option of where we need to be-i mean, we can root for the pistons, right? naah, just like chicago-it may be too cold, and if i’m moving an hour away, i have to stay cheering for the raps. and, i really want to cut down the possibility of reuniting with portlandia-i’ve managed thus far not to bump into her in this city.

i also heard about intermarche‘s ‘inglorious fruits’ campaign on under the influence around the same time.

this book is so rich in detail of governments and also so accessible, but i am still breaking it up because it’s an awful lot of pull quotes. it’s not entirely evident how i will group them, but the first quote jumped out at me because it’s the simplest principle for health and the common denominator in any diet-produce produce produce.

*correction from a previous post where i thought i was reading it chooses you, i read it around the same time, but this one was in my hand when i was in the audience


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