juliet was a surprise-bill gaston

“Maybe it’s because a natural riot of plants is so difficult. It’s all branches and tendrils and thirst and an urge that can and will break through concrete. Who can walk a wild forest and not feel the threat of an unfathomable presence that parades as stillness? Plus, plants  ultimately don’t care about us.  In the end, basic rock and sky is simpler to deal with, if we need to get spiritual about this, which I think we do.” (62) (Cake’s Chicken)

“It’s why we love trees-we see ourselves rooted in the rooted and the helpless.” (71, Any Forest Seen From Orbit)

“i can’t live with you, can’t live without you…”

i’m dipping into the recent archives on this one, because it’s time once again for the ontario librarian’s association‘s summer reading club. hashtag, evergreen. i’ve already read medicine walk, and i somehow got most of them right away-even the naomi klein one that invariably has many holds. this is a little one that i figured i could read all fast and furious, and i am now 20% done the list. my aim is to put a hurtin’ on the list before i head to nyc again at the end of the month.

i’m a bit non-plussed (shouts to slumberland-coming soon) about this collection of short stories, but short stories are hard. with the exception of the above pull-quotes, and these few more:

“His eyebrows were lazily up and his gaze steady. I didn’t like looking him in the eyes. They were moist, and surrounded by pools of incomprehension and hurt, but they hooked and held you with a steadiness you didn’t expect.” (38) Cake’s Chicken

“Sex was never a problem for them. Unless you saw it as the thing that had kept them together too long.” (141-2) To Mexico

my overall feeling was “meh”, much like how i felt about the cat last year. but like the first and only time i did mushrooms, i have a feeling that nothing will be like the first year that i came across this list and its picks.

but i am no less great-full that it exists, and enriches my life like the recent friend gatherings-from the impromptu visit with a work neighbour and today’s planned picnic ambush of a friend at work.

thanks also to the ever-edifying bust magazine (and my baby for getting me that prescription, haha), the lonsdales live performances, lal‘s oldie but goldie warm belly high power, mama julay for tattooing thru, and all the bonus friends that come together to celebrate miss vivi-we may all be going to hell for our commentary on recent historical present events, but shit-it’s gonna be a party.


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