not that kind of girl-lena dunham (part too)

“The end never comes when you think it will. It’s always ten steps past the worst moment, then a weird turn to the left.” (48)

“I’ve made two short films, both of which my father deemed ‘interesting but beside the point,’ and so paralyzed as a writer that I’ve started translating poems from languages that I don’t speak, some kind of Surrealist exercise meant to inspire me but also prevent me from thinking the perverse, looping thoughts that come unbidden: I am hideous. I am going to be living in a mental hospital by the time I am twenty-nine. I will never amount to anything.” (xii)

“If I had known how much I would miss these sensations I might have experienced them differently, recognized their shabby glamour, respected the ticking clock that defined this entire experience. I would have put aside my resentment, dropped my defenses……I have always had a talent for recognizing when I am in a moment worth being nostalgic for.” (176)

“There is so much I’ve shared, and so much that’s been crushed by the sharing. I never mourned it, because it never mattered.” (77)

someone told me that lena dunham doesn’t talk about her process save for one chapter, but i disagree. i feel like she’s just one of these artists who never stops talking about her process, because she never stops talking about her art, because she’s talking about life and she lives her art. kanye is one of these artists-a true artist. there will be a forthcoming interview with a big time hip hop writer, and the moment i knew that i wanted to interview him was when he said exactly that-when someone you don’t know shares a thought that came directly out of your brain, that’s a special moment. it’s special when someone you do know too, but it may just mean that you need to know more people and get smarter because there is a limit to what you can learn if you keep hanging out with the same people exclusively.

i like that she goes into some detail about her choices and yet at the same time, does not explain or worse, apologize (common for the crochet pants and electric circus, i’m looking at you). this book is definitely part of the current pantheon of works that are better cross-media (orange is the new black is another example of this) the book, along with her short films and interviews, presents a united front of her mind, and it is a fascinating place.


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