not that kind of girl-lena dunham (part three)

“After all, desire is the enemy of contentment.” (143)

“We make up a few days later when, at a brunch potluck, I realize that I do, in fact, hate everybody. Even my new friend Allison, who runs the radio station, and even Becky, who makes vegan muffins and has a quilt composed of Clash t-shirts. The conversation at college is making me insane: politically correct posturing by people without real politics.” (217)

Because people may not be polite, but when it counts they’re something better than polite: they’re kind. They’re always letting you take your tea when you’re short on change. Or letting you get the first cab if you’re crying….” (159)

“I miss her the way I missed our loft after we moved in seventh grade: sharply, and then not at all. There is too much unpacking to do.” (213)

like how the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference-the first quote stayed with me for weeks, and now that i’m revisiting it again, i’m still like, “huh”. a friend with whom i am in a stasis with also quoted the ever wise lena dunham as saying “time is an elastic band”. today’s collection of quotes is dedicated to how kickass it is to say out loud how everyone kind of sucks sometimes, but it’s these realizations that make it so worth it when they don’t.

here’s to all of us kind of sucking sometimes. and, to not.

whatever kind of girl you’re not, i’m proud to be part of a gang of us who also ain’t neither. reminder to self: tweet jean grae and tell her that i’m down to be part of her girl group.


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