lipshitz six, or two angry blondes-a novel by t cooper

“And you especially don’t bring a child into the world when you’re ‘in between careers,’ like I am. Or, when there are trust issues. And there are always trust issues.” (325)

“Just one child on the mind-but it’s the best kind-one who’s not present. There is such an enchanting freedom in a child who needs no care, no potatoes, no milk, no scrubbing in the tub, no answering question after question after question.” (105)

“I can’t imagine anybody more useless in the world than Kevin Costner, except maybe Alan Thicke. Whose son, incidentally, going by the moniker Thicke, is fixing to put out an R&B/neo-soul/funk/hip-hop album. I heard an advance track from it, and it sounded wacker than the demo tape some skinny little Jewish kid pressed hopefully into my hand after one of my recent bar mitzvah sets.” (364)

this brilliantly crafted, stylistically impressive, hilariously snarky book was enjoyed as part of my t cooper completist binge. the “reveal” was handled in a way reminiscent of the crying game, as discussed on the age of persuasion.

“Some parts are true, others are made up. Still others are made up, but from entirely true events.” (429)

“The way he thinks he knows everything. The way he tells you as much. The way he fills up all the spaces with absolutely nothing.” (148)

“He’s forgetting it all quicker than I could ever make it up.” (371)

in a lot of ways, this is a book about parents, children, and all the possible relationships between the two. my favourite is the blatant non-appreciation of other people’s children. the bit about thoughts absent children can very easily be applied to parents as well.

and the hilarity that is the truth about robin thicke-no blurred lines here. at all. sorry, b-i just erased your album from my iTunes, i needed the space for lal and zaki ibrahim.


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