loose balls-jayson williams with steve friedman (part won)

Easy Money, Hard Fouls, Cheap Laughs, & True Love in the the NBA

“That’s what the problem is. This is my solution: All you have to do is before some guy comes in to play in the NBA, he has to work one summer in construction or one summer somewhere where he has to wake up early five days a week, work from nine to five every day, has to buy his groceries, and man he will appreciate the NBA, and the NBA will be a better place.” (89)

“Quit the bull, you know. Tell the truth. The truth is a lot of them just can’t handle the schoolwork and they want a Mercedes. It doesn’t have anything to do with anyone’s mother.” (90)

“There is no tomorrow in the play-offs. That’s the theme of everything on a good postseason team. You know when you die? You die in the summer.” (135)

“I’ve never seen a team win a title because they have a stacked coaching staff. They win because the team is stacked.” (187)

“People don’t want to admit it, but most of the rivalries in this league are between the coaches instead of they players. Because each one of them thinks he invented the game.” (189)

“There were some great athletes on that team, but they were great athletes with issues. I think some of the players on that team, as great as they were, preferred losing to winning. And I think there are more than a few players in the NBA like that. They’re players with really flashy stats, who have never been on a winner. Why players like that prefer losing to winning is, if you win, everybody’s going to be watching you, and then you’re going to have to get better. As long as you lose and get your stats, you get your paycheck and there’s no pressure. If you play well every day and you help your team play well, people are going to pay attention. And then you’ve got pressure and some players just can’t stand that. That’s why you’ve got great players on some bad teams, and when you move them to a good team, they’re failures.” (244)

during this nail-biter of an off-season, i am putting it out there (again) that i think that lamarcus aldridge would be a good look for our team. i’m excited about these draft picks, wondering about the d-league team, and am paying attention once again now that boss man dealt grevis right outta hear post pan-am games. ice cold, but lou is worth it, and that full court shimmy before the game was done-take that shit to jkidd, papa. maybe y’all can spill some sodas together. just don’t get caught on tinder on game day again, tho-that was embarrassing.

del was laughing at me for reading this at the first new q taping, but it was a hilarious and enlightening read-obviously written during a happier time before a limo driver was shot, and possibly before oprah expressed her mutual crush on dood, and i guess before black rob said it in an interview.

among the insights that i appreciated were:

-mean mean michael jordan admitting to him that he would’ve killed the guy who killed his dad because j had the chance to kill the guy who killed his sisters
-he ended up adopting his sisters’ children, they both died of AIDS, and he was a grandfather at 27
-the bottom guys on a team are probably looking forward to vacation
-he fought with his then teammate manute bol during a game
armen gilliam was his neighbour and running an extension cord from his house to steal his electricity while chilling his giant vats of cranberry juice outside in the snow
-he was one of the rookies who “refused to play” for a team (phoenix)
-there were so many charles barkley anecdotes that i am dedicating another blog to them


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