loose balls-jayson williams with steve friedman (part too)

“While we all sprinted and sweated, Charlie would be sitting on his stationary bike-always the same one-pedaling at about one mile an hour, watching us and eating. Eating! And always the same thing. Every morning on the way to practice Charlie would stop at McDonald’s and buy two big orders of pancakes and two big orders of sausage. After a while, he had the Sixers build a special tray on his favorite stationary bike to hold his pancakes and sausages, which he ate while he watched the rest of the team practice.” (15)

“Dogs hate cats. Gorillas hate tigers. I guess some parakeets even want to kick some canaries’ asses. You know how it is. Well, Charles Barkley had it out for Armen Gilliam.” (14)

i can’t front. every time i see charles barkley on tv or hear him on the radio (ok, that one time i heard him on the hangtime podcast), all i can see is this stunning visual of him on an exercise bike spitting pancakes at doods. let’s just read that back again for a minute (i’ll wait).

“Only one lawyer could have settled the NBA lockout in one day. You know who would do that? Matlock. He was the only one who would have taken this case and done it right. The only one.” (99)

i vaguely remember this-it was during my dark age…but i read more about it in that ‘nother, other book about the bballs (forthcoming).

“That’s Madison Square Garden, where the fans love you one minute, hate you the next. A peacock one day, a feather duster the next. That’s how New Yorkers are.” (143)

i’ll keep my ears open during the liberty game that we’re slated to go to this summer, and i was only there for the all-star celeb game, but judging from the crowd that came thru to the barclay’s center, i was afraid for the nets the way that people were so schizophrenically heckling them.

“Why do you have to pray in front of everybody? Why don’t you do it in your locker room? Why pray in the most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden? What is that all about? I think it would be more real if you did it in private, for yourself.” (35-6)

and that’s for sure. i’ve been wondering this for a minute, so i’m glad that this was put in print over a decade ago. i recommend this one to anyone looking for some bball nostalgia.


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