burdock/the lonsdales

“luther vandross over here”

i can’t say enough about my favourite multi-instrumental sibling duo, the lonsdales. it’s been lovely to see them blossom on stage this summer, and i’m about to see them in back to back shows-if you’re reading this, it’s not too late-meet me at holy oak in half an hour.

also because of eirene, i have a new favourite music venue in this town-the intimate burdock with the great sound, it reminds me of lucky bar in victoria over a decade ago, when i first saw k-os, before he became a drunk and started throwing keyboards at people.

in a moment of synchronicity, i caught up with some montrill/vancougar folks last night after work with all of my library books and cj‘s sourdough loaves. i also got to see shaemara, whose posters i see all over town and whose accessories i’ve coveted since she first walked into the store with her fur donut. she has quite a stage presence and voice, and i’m sure i’ll see her around more.

and jeanette king (formerly of ponderosa) and the starfish were another delight-my favourite song was 16, about the arbutus bus-i’m sure the drama of the track is deserving somehow. they’ve also made it onto the bill tonight so i’ll get a back to back double feature.

i’m trying to watch the last episode of season five of oz before i go, but i’ma have to finish it when i get back.

to the musics!


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