divine intervention

“we should try to go to marilyn dennis”

“is anyone going to tell us how to behave?”

it’s been a long time since i was at a television taping-and truth be told, i probably won’t be answering affirmative to any more programs at the zoomer complex, but you know i like saying yes to some of the random invites that come through my email.

billed as “oprah’s rabbi”, rabbi shmuley was fashionably late, making jokes about how taping a show doesn’t pay for his nine children, so he has to moonlight as a jockey underwear model. his floor director did not oblige him very much, nor did she explain or apologize for being so late.

once things got rolling, things were interesting, both the chatter of the audience (got a glimpse of my future of being a senior that goes to tv tapings) and the guests’ stories/banter with the rabbi.

it was interesting because he claimed that it wasn’t a jewish show, that it was a show for everyone, but all the guests and their “problems” were jewish centric-a senior woman came out after decades of marriage and is ostracized by her kids and has nowhere to go for holidays, a middle-aged man worries that he’s not jewish enough, a senior couple worries that global anti-semitism will eventually result in another holocaust-but there is a glimmer of truth in the intention-i definitely got a sense of identifying with children punishing their parents and parents practicing pre-emptive rejection.

favourite guest quote: “i’m jewish, how can i be happy?”

favourite rabbi quote: “guilt enema”

favourite meegan quote: “you’re like common meets the hulk” (key and peele stay winning)


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