nomadic massive

“it must be the shoes”

there was an interesting discussion about u2 on q today, about whether or not they’re one of the most important bands of all time, or if they’re just annoying (i may be paraphrasing a bit). it got me thinking back to a conversation i had with another cbc radio host about certain bands who hate each other but make magic on stage. it all came full circle when i saw my fam, nomadic massive perform as part of the pan-am festival last night. however hard they may be on themselves, there is just pure magic when they’re on stage together, and i’m so glad that i’ve been privy to seeing them so many times over the past almost decade.

i missed the above jazz festival performance (shouts to julay for making that dope headpiece for tali), and have no footage from last night, but i am loving the gear upgrades and choreographed movements.

hashtag, superfan.

catching up with them is the reason that i didn’t get to blogging last night-lo siento.


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