grownups read things they wrote as kids

because season 6 of oz wasn’t ready yet yesterday and i was washing dishes, i didn’t turn on my computer and kept the radio on instead. i was so fortunate to hear the windsor episode of grownups read things they wrote as kids, and though i have entirely too many podcasts on my deck, i had to add this one (it’s only 16 half-hour episodes…)

i think i heard about the event at the drake a few months ago, and i like that this one came back through me, through the summer only airing of episodes on cbc. i also heard an ad for radiolab, which is now on the mothership as well, so maybe i can listen to that one again without overdosing.

i love when things come together, like nurse kerri dropping off a trampoline for me at work, and babies reaching for me, and my shift being shorter than i thought, and my special 193 taxi taking me door to door (with a trampoline!). i usually only get the taxi for two weeks of the year during the ex, but now with the panam games, i get the bonus weeks (with the same hiatus as when i’m away-woot).

check it out:


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